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Constitution and By-Laws

Amended January, 1979

Article 1

The name of the Society shall be the American Microchemical Society. For purposed of this constitution and by-laws, it shall be known as andreferred to therein as the Society.

Article II

Section 1: The Society shall be a nonprofit, scientific, and educationalorganization.  The object of the society shall be
               to encourage the advancement of microchemistry in its broadest sense

Section 2: The fields of activity shall be those appropriate tothe accomplishment of the object of the Society.

Section 3: The object of the Society shall be pursued in a non-profit-makingmanner conforming to the provision of the
               Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c) (3) 1954, and as many be amended.

Article III

Section 1: The Society shall not attempt to influence legislationthrough propaganda.

Section 2: The Society shall not participate in any politicalcampaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.

Article IV

 All persons interested in the object of the Society shall be eligiblefor regular membership.

Article V

Section 1: The elected officers of the Society shall be the Chairperson-elect,the Secretary, the Treasurer, and three
               Executive Committee Members-at-large.  The offices of Chairperson andPast Chairperson are filled by automatic
               succession.  The Executive Committee shall consist of all the aboveofficers, the chairpersons of all standing
               committees, delegates, alternate delegates, and the Editor of the MicrochemicalJournal.

Section 2: Elected officers of the Society shall be elected annuallyby mail ballot of the regular members in good standing.
                Each officer shall serve one year per term.

Section 3: The Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer shall beex-officio members of all committees.

Section 4: The Executive committee shall have authority to actfor the Society in a manner consistent with the Constitution and
               By-Laws of the Society.

Section 5: The general duties of each officer shall be those asdefined in Robertís Rules of Order (Revised).

Article IV

Section 1: The regular meetings of the Society shall be scheduledmonthly meetings within the normally accepted academic
               year, September through May.

Section 2: The Chairperson shall call a special meeting within30 days when so petitioned in writing by fifteen (15) members in
               good standing or by any five (5) members of the Executive Committee.

Section 3: The Secretary shall notify members of at least one(1) week in advance of the time and place of each society

Article VII

Section 1: These articles of the Constitution may be amended asfollows: Any member may introduce in writing an
               amendment to the constitution for consideration by the Executive Committee. After study, the chairperson shall
               put this to a vote of the committee.  If a majority vote agree, theSecretary shall notify the membership with a
               written copy of the amendment for consideration at the next regular meting. Those unable to attend the next
               regular meeting shall be privileged to vote on the motion by letter ballot. At the next regular meeting, a motion to
               amend shall be considered.  If two-thirds of those voting vote aye,the motion is passed.

Article VIII

 Upon dissolution of the Society and the discharge of its debtsand the settlement of its affairs, any assets of the Society remaining thereaftershall be conveyed to such organization then existent, dedicated to the objectivessimilar to those of the Society so long as whichever organization is selectedby the governing body of the Society at the time of dissolution shall beexempt under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 asamended, or under such successor provision of the Code as may be in effectat the time of the American Microchemical Societyís dissolution.


Article I
Activities of the Society

Section 1: The Society shall be active unilaterally of in concernwith other organizations internationally, nationally, and locally.

Section 2: The Society shall encourage the utilization of microchemicaltechniques through the dissemination of knowledge, the
               interchange of scientific ideas, and the presentation of award.

Article II

Section 1: Election: Written Application for regular membershipshall be referred to the Membership Committee who will
               determine the eligibility of the applicant.  The Committee shall reportimmediately its recommendation to the
               Executive Committee.  Following a positive acceptance motion of theExecutive Committee, the Membership
               Chairperson shall notify the applicant of this acceptance.  Upon paymentof current dues, this applicant shall be
               admitted as a regular member.

Section 2: Classes: There shall be three classes of membership:regular, honorary, and life.  Honorary membership shall be
               bestowed by a majority vote of members present at a properly constitutedSociety meeting which follows a
               recommendation by the Executive Committee.  Details of Honorary membershipshall be fixed by the Executive
               Committee and shall be recognized as regular members and shall be exemptfrom payment of dues.

Section 3: Dues: Dues shall be paid each fiscal year to the Treasurerimmediately following membership billing.  The name of
               any member whose dues will be in arrears for more than one fiscal year shallbe removed from the roll of members
               in good standing.  Reinstatement follows full payment of due in arrears. Decisions in specific cases shall be the
               duty of the Executive Committee.

Section 4: Dues shall be reviewed annually by the Executive committee. Any change receiving Committee recommendation
               shall be continued in a membership-wide notice and voted upon at a designatedmeeting.  Changes become
               effective with the following society year.

Article III

Section 1: Vacancies: In the event of a vacancy in any electiveoffice, other than Chairperson or Past Chairperson, the
               vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the Executive Committee for theunexpired term.  Vacancy in the office
               of Chairperson shall be immediately filled by automatic succession of theChairperson-Elect.

Section 2: The Chairperson-Elect shall act as Society Representativeto the governing board of other organizations, unless
               otherwise designated by chairperson, in which technical meetings are heldin concert with these organizations.  In
               addition, the Chairperson-Elect shall conduct Society meetings the absenceof the Chairperson.

Section 3: The Treasurer shall be responsible for the prudentinvestment of all special funds of the Society with the approval
               of the Executive Committee.  The principal goal shall be conservationof funds invested.  The Treasurerís books
               shall be audited annually by the Auditing Committee and the incoming Treasurer.  Report(s) of this audit shall be
               made to the Executive Committee and to the membership of the Society.

Section 4:  The Society generally follows the academic year.However, the Society Year shall be from June 1 to May 31 of
               the following year.  At the beginning of the New Year a report is requiredfrom the two Treasurers, outgoing and
               incoming, after which time the books are open for the New Year.  Duesbillings shall be made before October 1
               of the New Year.

Article IV

Section 1:  The Nominating Committee shall select one morewilling candidates for each elective office:  Chairperson-Elect,
               Secretary, Treasurer, and Executive Committee Members at large.  TheSecretary shall announce the candidates
               at the regular February meeting.

Section 2: Following the announcement, further nominations ofcandidates willing to serve are in order and may be announced
               by he members from the floor or by the Secretary from membersí correspondence.

Section 3: The Secretary shall be responsible for preparationof the mail ballot in which candidatesí names and business
               addresses appear in alphabetical order.  Each regular member in goodstanding shall be sent one copy of this
               ballot with instructions for voting, plus a preaddressed envelope to theSecretary at last 3 weeks prior to the April
               Meeting.  The Secretary shall also announce the election in the normalmembership notice for the April meeting.

Section 4: To be counted, ballots must be returned by membersin time for the April meeting at which time the Executive
               Committee shall count votes to determine results of the election. The Secretary shall immediately notify the newly
               elected officers of their selection.

Article V


Section 1: The time and place of all meetings shall be set bythe Executive Committee.

Section 2: Nineteen members shall constitute a quorum for thetransaction of business of the Society.

Section 3: Five members shall constitute a quorum for the transactionof business by the Executive Committee.

Section 4: The recommended order of business at all business meetingsof the Society shall be as follows:

                   (a) Reading of the minutes of the previous meetings;
                   (b) Reports of officers;
                   (c) Reports of standing committees;
                   (d) Reports of special committees;
                   (e) Unfinished business;
                   (f) New business;
                   (g) Adjournment.

Section 5: Robertsí ìRules of Orderî (Revised)shall be the final authority on questions of procedure and parliamentarylaw
               not covered by the constitution or by-laws.

Article VI

Section 1: The Chairperson shall appoint the following committees:

                   (a) Audit
                   (b) Benedetti-Pichler Award Fund
                           The award is known as ìThe A.A. Benedetti-Pichler Award in Microchemistry.î The committee
                           is composed of:
                               1. Society Chairperson-Elect
                               2. Three members form the body of the Society membership.
                           The members will be appointed to staggered three-year terms, with the mostsenior committee member
                           as Chairperson.
                           The Selection of the award recipient is based on service to microchemistryin its broadest meaning, which
                           includes research, application, administration, teaching, or to the meansof promoting the advancement of

                           Although the Award Committee is solely responsible for selecting the recipientof the award, they will
                           actively solicit nominations form any interested individual, not necessarilya member of the American
                           Microchemical Society.  Such nominations should be made in writingand addressed to the Chairman of
                           the Benedetti-Pichler Award Committee for transmittal to the Award Committee. Nominators will be
                           required to state the reason for the nomination and cite the work of thenominee.  The committee will take
                           this list into consideration in selecting the recipient.

                           The recipient will be required to give a memorial award address at a suitablegathering, national or
                           international and will receive a suitable momento of the occasion. This address is to be made during the
                           calendar year in which the announcement is made and the award presented.

                           The award will be made annually unless the committee feels that, in anyparticular year, no one of sufficient
                           stature has been nominated.

                       (c) Eastern Analytical Symposium Delegate and alternate
                               1. appointment for one (1) year (January through December).
                               2. May be reappointed
                       (d) educational Fund
                           The purpose of the educational fund is to aid studies at undergraduate andgraduate levels in the area of
                           microchemistry and allied fields.
                           A committee e of three will be appointed to staggered three year terms,with the most senior as chairman.
                           This committee will consider applications for the granting of these fundsand the qualifications of the
                           people to whom the funds will be granted.  The committee is solelyresponsible for selecting the recipient
                           of the award.

                       (e) Historian
                       (f) Hospitality
                       (g) Membership
                       (h) Nominating
                       (i) Program (chairman is the Society Chairman-Elect)
                       (j) Publicity

Section 2: The Editor of the Microchemical Journal shall be chosenby the Executive Committee and must be accepted by
               the sponsoring publisher.  The Editor shall have continuous term ofoffice and can only be removed by majority
               vote of the Executive Committee.  The Editor will submit an annualreport of the state of the publication. The
               Editorial Board of the Microchemical Journal shall be the joint responsibilityof the Editor and the Publisher.

               Membership of the Editorial Board of the Microchemical Journal shall bethe sole responsibility of the Edor and
               Publisher with majority approval of the Executive Committee.

Section 3: Other committees shall be appointed, as the ExecutiveCommittee may deem appropriate.

Article VII
Amending the By-Laws

Any member may introduce in writing an amendment to the by-laws for considerationby the Executive Committee.  After study, the chairperson shall putthis to a vote of that committee.  If a majority vote agree, the Secretaryshall notify the membership with a written copy of the amendment of reconsiderationat the next regular meeting.  A majority of the members present infavor of the amendment amends the by-laws.
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